Combine 13

GPTQA Level 3

A fundamental knowledge of managing reliable field testing events on people


  1. Sales, marketing and administration
    1. GPTQA
    2. Selling a professional performance test event
    3. Marketing criteria and procedures
    4. Administering a test event
    5. Privacy and data protection
  2. Defining the field testing and client communications
    1. Defining the reason for testing
    2. Defining the elements to be tested
    3. Defining the clients to be testing
    4. Defining the test protocols to be tested
    5. Communicating the services and recommendations to the client
  3. Defining the test environment and risk assessment
    1. Defining the venue
    2. Defining the test conditions and risk assessment
    3. Appraising the venue including health and safety
  4. Planning the test event
    1. Timing and schedule
    2. Staffing
    3. Equipment
    4. Venue hire and accessibility
    5. Protocols and venue layout
  5. Pre-event procedures and management
    1. The event plan
    2. Registration
    3. Pre-event checklist
    4. Roles and responsibilities
  6. Managing a reliable test event
    1. Test day procedures
    2. Managing staff
    3. Managing clients and test subjects
    4. Communicating and real-time event control
    5. Managing an emergency and staff working procedures
  7. Post-event procedures and management
    1. Data collection
    2. Administration and data upload
  8. Data analysis and reporting
    1. Assessing results and verified data
    2. Reporting results to clients (coaches)
    3. Reporting results to clients (athletes)

Ideal for the sport scientist or professional looking to establish a career in data analysis, physiological testing, conditioning coaching or sporting event management.

  • Learning type: 100% offline
  • Learning time: 35-40 hours
  • Resources provided: Yes
  • Assessment: Practical

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