Combine 16

GPTQA Level 2

A fundamental knowledge of performing field testing on people


  1. Assessing a test environment, set up and break down of a test event
    1. Safety and respect
    2. The event plan
    3. Roles and responsibilities
    4. Measuring, marking and individual set up
    5. Setting up the equipment
    6. Pre-test check
    7. Break down and event conclusion
  2. Reading protocols and performing a reliable test
    1. The test protocol and rules of engagement
    2. Starting procedures
    3. Using the equipment and error management
    4. Performing a reliable test
    5. Affecting a result
    6. Responsibilities
  3. Data collection, stage one verification and real-time assessment
    1. Monitoring results and data in real-time
    2. Disqualification, errors and scoreboards
    3. Written results and error quantification
    4. Concluding a test
  4. Practical assessment in performing a reliable test
    1. Setting up and test event environment
    2. Performing a reliable test in controlled conditions
    3. Collecting, verifying and reporting results
    4. Break down of an event
  5. Assessment and review of collected data
    1. Data collection systems
    2. Data verification procedures
    3. Data analysis and reporting

Ideal for students within the sporting, wellness and active living industry, teaching and development as a part-time, casual or full-time career opportunity.

  • Learning type: 66% online and 33% practical
  • Learning time: 30 to 35 hours
  • Resources provided: Yes
  • Assessment: Online and practical

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