Combine 31

GPTQA Level 1

A fundamental knowledge of reliable field testing on people


  1. Defining Field Testing
    1. Identifying the reason for testing
    2. Recognising the elements of field testing
    3. Identifying the clients to be tested
    4. Recognising the testing protocols to be performed
  2. Assessing a test environment
    1. Recognising controlled conditions
    2. Recognising uncontrolled conditions
    3. Identifying effects of the conditions
    4. Monitoring staff competency
    5. Recognising equipment inconsistency
  3. Evaluating quality assurance
    1. Identifying reliability
    2. Understanding the effects of unreliable testing
    3. Managing error
    4. Recognising accuracy in measuring and recording
  4. Evaluating results and communication
    1. Consideration of the data needed in a report
    2. Presenting data reliably
    3. Interpreting data for necessary outcomes
    4. Data protection and privacy

Ideal for the athlete, coach, student, scout, parent or teacher this fully online course offers a comprehensive understanding on the purpose, delivery and outcomes of validity, consistency and reliability when performing any physiological tests on people.

  • Learning type: 100% online
  • Learning time: 3 to 4 hours
  • Resources provided: Yes
  • Assessment: Online

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