Get some answers to frequently asked questions of GPT

Have GPTQA services been evaluated?

Yes.  GPTQA was evaluated independently by the Institute for Health and Sports (formally Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living - ISEAL) at Victoria University, Australia.

Does GPTQA level 1 provide employment in GPT?

No.  GPTQA level 1 is base line learning level for the purpose, delivery and outcomes of reliable field testing and is designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of athletes, coaches, scouts, parents and for students interested in the beginnings of a sport science education.  To be available for employment opportunities at GPT you must have level 2 accreditation.

Does GPTQA level 2 guarantee employment?

No, however the industry is continually looking for qualified and experienced individuals capable of the outcomes from the level 2 course.  GPT will always look to provide employment opportunities and only level 2 candidates will be considered for either casual or full-time positions.

Is there a specific time frame to complete level 1?

No.  The design of the online course allows you to take your time in learning the modules and taking the assessments.  Each module has built in knowledge checks to assist your learning time too.