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Our Approach

We are an "end-to-end" service provider of professional human performance testing services at scale for schools, clubs, sporting organisations, health institutes and research centres globally.

Each and every client is treated with identical, consistent, experienced services from an individuals benchmark to an entire sporting code talent identification draft combine.  #TrueData

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Training & Research

GPTQA online and practical learning systems creates a level playing field in the industry with research and development services in both protocol and technology

Data Analysis & Delivery

Professional four stage verification and analysis of data available for distribution, integration to application or presentation to the client as needed

Verified Data Collection

Reliable collection of data by trained and experienced staff under controlled GPTQA conditions for validity, consistency and reliability at scale to any ability level or location

“There are important moments in our growth as individuals that include physiology, psychology, sociology and cognitive.

Physical wellness impacts our mental state considerably and it is essential we assess and track development reliably throughout the school journey to the very best outcome of each and every student and teacher.

GPTQA ensures consistency and validity in data collection through affordable services at scale in schools with a mutual focus on overall wellness and development.”

Testing and assessment is an integral component to tracking physical wellness and sport specific development

In a world of high inactivity and increased health risks associated to cardio vascular disease, diabetes etc. there is a common requirement within schools to provide fitness testing or screening.

The testing environment can often be confronting for many students and is frequently very unreliable with staff inexperienced in the inter-tester and intra-tester reliability issues creating unreliable data and, in turn, worthless testing.

Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) assures reliability and an enjoyable, safe and inclusive environment for the students with the latest technology, protocols and friendly, experienced staff to take the pressure off teachers and coaches and ensure a completely unbiased event.

Reliability is essential for the testing to take place. There is no point testing for testing sake.


Sport and wellness institutes globally agree that there is a need for a better understanding of our personal wellbeing.

“Physical literacy = to better understand myself”

In the growing world of data impacting our lives, it is essential we learn how to interpret the numbers and associate this with our personal feelings. Additionally we must trust the data, as unreliable sources simply result in unreliable outcomes and development (poor in = poor out).

The flow of physical development is simple when it is broken down and tracked for the maximum benefit to each and every individual.


“Unlike your phone with three or four operating systems the human population has over 7 billion operating systems and the sooner we understand that we are not all normal, the quicker we can move forwards”


Our eLearning and practical education ensures clients are trained in the purpose, delivery and interpretation of reliable performance testing.

All GPT staff working on professional testing services are accredited to GPTQA Level 2 as a minimum and include full working with children and police checks for security and safety. |

The GPT History

Click here for the 50 year history in the making of Global Performance Testing

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